Consulting on the farm — a step into the future!

Mykhailo Bilokin, head of the veterinary department of the CC ADP

The leaders of most dairy farmrs are interested in increasing the productivity of animals, the preservation and improvement of weight gain of young stock, as it helps to improve the efficiency of production and generate additional revenue. Worldwide to achieve these goals helps service centre.

The new milking parlor — the new opportunities

In the last year’s August edition of our magazine, we talked about the dairy complex JV «Promin» in Mykolayiv. Then here the new milking perlour was only begining to build: a concrete foundation was ready and metal frame was fitted. Alexander Ostapenko, director of the fsrm, noticed the uniqueness of the milking equipment and promised to invite us, as soon as all would work. He kept his word.

Control of abomasum displacement in cows

Mykola Taran, a veterinarian at LLC "Ukrainian dairy company"

Most of the health problems and the related veterinary costs are incurred within the first thirty days of lactation. Management and feeding during the dry period may influence the occurrence of disease at the time of calving. Along with such metabolic disorders as hypocalcemia, acidosis and ketosis in cows may occur abomasum displacement.

French Dairy Farm Day

26.08.2016 08:23:00

On 20 of June in the village of Sahunivka in Cherkasy region on the basis of Lomovate farm, the second French Dairy Farm Day was held. Six years ago, the farm became the part of «Euralis Semens Ukraine», which, in its turn, is a pert of French agro-industrial group Euralis.

Cooperation — a child of poverty and mother of well-being

One of the main problems of development of small and medium business in Ukraine is a problem of effective marketing of agricultural products they produced, especially in international markets. Basically this is due to insufficient volumes to independent trade abroad.

7 criteria of silage quality evaluation

Today the market of feed additives is very diversified and characterized by a high level of competition. Sometimes it is not enough just to offer good products. Agricultural producers hope to get additional value from the cooperation in the form of services, advice and other things, while the product itself becomes only one of the instruments of the general program solutions.

Management of mastitis of cows

In a previous article we examined the causes and predisposing factors of the spread of mastitis in cows («Milk and Farm», № 1, February 2016). Violation of the veterinary and sanitary standards of housing and milking technologies underlie occurrence of mastitis, and the absence of timely diagnosis, isolation of sick animals and their treatment leads to the spread of the disease. Total economic measures aimed at reducing the incidence rate of cows with mastitis should include three main strategies:

What corn is it more expedient to feed: dry ground or high-moisture

In recent years, more and more Ukrainian dairy farms are looking for opportunities to reduce the cost of milk production. The largest item of expenditure is feed. No wonder that in the information publications there are a lot of materials about silage and haylage, because their quality is the key to the health of animals and regular yields. But the question of what corn is more useful for cattle — dry or wet — and how to store it, is not closed.

Amino acid nutrition and reproduction

The ideal reproduction in high-performance herd is considered as follows: the service period — up to 85 days, conception rate after the first artificial insemination — more than 50%, conception rate — less than 1.7, and the duration of calving interval — not less than 390 days. Achieving these objectives is quite difficult due to a number of different factors. One of the conditions of survival of embryos and successful course of pregnancy is considered in the content of amino acids in the diet of dairy cows. About the results of various studies of this issue during the Eastern European Dairy Congress told the doctor of veterinary medicine, lecturer at the University of Illinois Phil Cardoso.

Our tomorrow we build today

During Agroinvesforum, about which we have already mentioned in the journal materials, I asked Vadim Andrushchak, director of «Potinger Ukraine», about investment sentiment which now prevails in the market. Planned for a few minutes short interview quietly grown into a large and deep conversation, by which I was very impressed. I hope that the reader will not remain indifferent.

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