Dairy cooperatives: five ways to improve farm profitability

Dairy cooperatives: five ways to improve farm profitability

AMP officially opened the First dairy cooperative and summed up the year of work of UMAN LABS

25.12.2018 08:26:31

AMP officially opened the First dairy cooperative and summed up the year of work of UMAN LABS

SCC and milk quality

The number of somatic cells is one of the main indicators of milk quality, which signals an infection in the udder. In 95% of non-infected animals in a herd SCC of an individual cow will be below 100 thousand/ml. How to achieve this level in practice and how the farm’s profitability depends on it, told an expert of GD Animal Health, Rian van Egmond, during the Dutch Milk Day, which took place on September 25 at Kishchentsy LLC in Cherkasy region.

Ukrainian beef: new perspectives

Beef exports remain an unrealized investment niche of the Ukrainian agribusiness. To bring it to life, producers need to consolidate efforts and select an acceptable model from the production of this type of meat. Where to start and how to become a professional producer of beef, says Evgeny Shatokhin, an expert of the USAID project “Support for Agrarian and Rural Development”.

Developing a Regional Dairy Exporting Cluster in Ukraine

Even though Ukraine produced 10.3 billion kg of milk in 2017, or 1.5% of global milk production, only 4.3 billion kilograms or 42% of this milk is processed due to farm holding size, milk quality, and milk collecting logistics challenges.

Dutch Milk Day in Cherkasy region

12.11.2018 09:01:59

The dairy industry is a priority for the economy of the Netherlands. The country exports 85% of its dairy products and occupies 20% of the world market in this segment. The Dutch know well how to efficiently produce high-quality milk, they are not afraid of competitors, and for the sixth year willingly share their experience and innovative technologies with Ukrainian farmers. This year, the Netherland experts were accepted at Kischentsy LLC in Cherkasy region on September 18.

Renewable manure bedding: what? how? what for?

Manure is a by-product of milk production, and sooner or later each farm faces the problem of its utilization. Sergey GRYAZNOV, director of sales in the North, Central and South America and Central Asia of the BAUER group of companies, tells about world practice and trends in manure treatment methods, as well as the feasibility and peculiarities of using its solid fraction for bedding.

Farm without stereotypes

12.11.2018 08:57:28

In 2017, the average annual milk yield in LLC Veleten in Sumy region reached 11300 kg of milk per milk cow. To this result, the farm went gradually, honing the technology. It was possible to get acquainted with them during the National Farm Day - on August 28 the dairy complex opened the doors for everyone.

One gate play

Happy villages, where business executives work, who care about the community. These include Denikhovka, which is in Tetiiv district of Kiev region. Oleg Balagura was born and lives there, the head of the State Enterprise «Shekhchenkovskoe».

Underestimated reserve

The last two years, the topic of an additional source of profit for milk producers - fattening cattle dairy breeds - is actively discussed at various Ukrainian events. So, in November last year during the exhibition Ukrainian Food Expo the first congress of producers and exporters of beef Ukrainian Beef Congress was held. Then the participants even received a business plan for the fattening of the bull calves and a business plan for the organization of the slaughter and primary cattle processing complex developed within the framework of the special project of the FAO and the EBRD.

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