Milk production should be cost-effective

To have a complete picture of Ukrainian dairy sector during 10 years we had a talk with Oleg Krasnorutskiy, director of the company "DeLaval". Company, which for two decades in a row delivers products and solutions for dairy farming on the Ukrainian market.

The success is in cooperation

In cooperation you can achieve much more than alone. This is one of the main lessons that has learned one of the founders of the Association of Milk Producers, Head of FAE “Piskivske” Valerii Kolosha during the past decade.

We have already made technological revolution, the mental is ahead

Over the past ten years, the national dairy breeding has changed dramatically. The attitude of agricultural producers has also changed. However, it is not enough to respond the new challenges of the global and Ukrainian dairy market.

Genetics is a tool to influence on efficiency and the cost of milk production

Together with the period of independence, genetics of dairy cattle in Ukraine becomes chaotic. The lack of unified national purpose of breeding dairy cattle and a plan of actions at the national level left the economy left face to face with its problems.

Ukraine is an open field for work

The Austrian company «Pöttinger» came to the Ukrainian market a decade ago, much later than the other suppliers of similar equipment.

Dreams Come True

28.12.2016 03:19:28

Not everyone will dare to make a sharp turn in its adult life. For the head of JLLS "Mriya" which ix in the Kharkiv region, the main reason for such turn was the love of the land. Anatoly Golovko got this feeling in his childhood, when was helping his parents to keep the house and work on the ground or near livestock.

Calves metabolic programming using automatic feeders

Holger Kruse, Holm & Laue GmbH, Germany 

Feeding calves is one of the key components in the technology of cattle breeding and require considerable attention. For a long time on minimizing costs by reducing milk portions with the aim to speed up the transition of animals to dry and concentrated feed was laid a special attention.

To economy though high technologies

In the previous issue of our journal we had mapped out route in Lithuania. This time we continue our tour in Baltic States, and make a stop in Estonia and Latvia.

Margin dictates rules

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Wisconsin can be rightly considered as Mecca of milk. In 2015 farmers from Wisconsin beat their own record for the production of raw milk — more than 13 mln. tons, and hold second place after California. They surpassed all indicates of cheese production — about 1.4 mln. tons (+ 26.6% over the past five years) — and first place, they have been deserving. Export of dairy products in 2014 brought nearly a billion dollars to the state budget.

Genetic potential of silage hybrids: milk and economy

Today, plant breeders can offer a wide range of silage hybrids to milk producers. About their technological and economic advantages, especially the selection and implementation of high genetic potential, tells Benoit Delord, head of the "Animal Feeding" company Limagrain.

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