One step closer to safe and quality product

On December 8, the official opening of the Laboratory of milk quality control took place. It is located in Uman, Cherkasy region.

Dairy Iowa: Secrets of Success

For someone who has at least a general idea of world agriculture, Iowa is more associated with the cultivation of corn (because it is located in the heart of the so-called corn belt of the United States) and, accordingly, with the production of pork, beef and chicken.

Individual approach

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Canadian genetics is recognized all over the world. For decades, Canadians have perfected Holstein breed, which currently has high productive qualities. Genetic company Semex is one of the leading suppliers of genetic material. General Director Paul Larmer and Director of the official representative office of LLC "Simex Alliance Ukraine" Vyacheslav Saulko told about the company's activities, innovations and experience in the territory of Ukraine.

Specialization: young stock rearing

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Specialized rearing of future cows from a calf heifer to heifer on a separate farm has a number of advantages: it reduces labor costs, provides better conditions and closely monitors compliance with technology.

Technologies make business

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The team of the magazine «Milk and Farm» is always glad and ready to visit even the most distant corner of Ukraine, if they produce milk there. We are convinced that any dairy farm that operates and continues to develop under current conditions is worthy of attention. For this issue, we were looking for the experience of doing business from west to east, from Lviv to Kharkiv region, where in the Kupyansky district, in the village of Kurilovka, we got acquainted with the dairy complex «Nadiya». The farm is diversified, but dairy cattle breeding is one of the main activities. According to the results of 2016, 40% of the income was received from milk production.

20 kg of dry matter is it 24 or 35 kg of milk?

Often the solution of the problem is very close, but we do not notice it. Moreover, we can even know it, but it is so obvious that we do not attach importance to it. The same applies to the dairy productivity of cows.

Litter from manure

The dairy complex owned by LLC «Kishchentsi» (Dobraya village, Mankovsky district, Cherkasy region) is one of the most intriguing objects on the dairy map of Ukraine. The Dutchman Kees Huizinga manages the farm for many years. For the development of the dairy sector he hires foreigners.

Milk arithmetic. Straw Chopper: expensive or beneficial?

In fact, the dairy business is the process of constant convertion of feed to milk. Unfortunately, the principle that «the cow eat less and give more milk, she should be fed less and milked more» does not work. Therefore, each farmer asks the question: how can the funds invested in the feed be turned into milk? How to improve the conversion of feed? Let’s look for the answer together.

In unison with cows

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PE «Agroecology», that is in Poltava region, despite the achievements of agrochemical science, has been using exclusively organic production technologies for more than thirty years, particularly in dairy cattle breeding.

Development instead of band-aid approach

17.08.2017 08:40:01

A recent survey of dairy farms in Wisconsin, where cows milking more than 13.5 thousand kg of milk per cow, showed that not a high concentration of concentrates in the diet, but the quality of roughage determines the level of milk production.

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