Harm-Jan van der Beek head of Uniform-Agri: Cow has always been my favorite animal, so I know how to help farmers

02.11.2016 08:38:48

To bring together all information on livestock farmer should not be at stack of papers, as they were replaced by special computer programs. Uniform-Agri Company is one of the world leader, that develops and supports management systems for dairy farmers all over the world.

National Farm Day in Sumy region

02.11.2016 08:34:54

August 16 was held the fifth National Farm Day.

This time ground for information, knowledge and practical experience exchange was LLC «Vitchusna» which is around Konotop.

Economically acceptable milk: whim or necessity?

Vladimir Mironenko, LLC «Pyotinger Ukraine»

Results of the of European countries achieved over a few decades Ukrainian milk producers managed to get over the course of ten years. It is naturally, because we have adopted experience from around the world. However, together with all advanced technologies and we have repeated virtually all of the mistakes of other countries. And might just learn from the experience of others ... Nowadays many Ukrainian farms get amount of milk of the European level — 7-8 thousand liters/ cow/ year. They spend twice as much concentrated feed, milk cows less than 2 lactation — but milk.

Farmer by vocation

Within the scope of the agricultural tour to Baltics representatives of farms joined AMP visited one of the most successful family dairy farm in Lithuania, which is part of the dairy cooperative Pienas LT.

Operation Co-operation

Within the dairy tour to the Baltics number of heads of farms joined Association of Milk Producers visited Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In this issue of magazine we will focus on Lithuania.There are several large processing companies, joined together and bought milk from farmers at much lower prices compared to the market ones. The only way to free their hands dairy producers saw the in co-operation.

Day of Milk and Cheese in Ukraine

02.11.2016 08:22:46

In a warm and friendly atmosphere passed the annual Day of milk and cheese in Kiev on September 25, organized by the Association of Milk Producers (AMP) and social project «I like milk.»

Place of meeting cannot be changed

02.11.2016 08:20:34

On 6th of September 4th Dutch Day of Milk, and for the third time LLC "Kischentsy" in Cherkasy welcomes all guests. More than ten years Case Husinga is at the head of this company, and a major line of their business is dairy farming.

Ukrainian Holsteins made their debut

26.08.2016 08:48:10

For the first time in Ukraine, milk producers attended the show of Holstein cows, which took place during the French Dairy Farm Day. The event was initiated by the Ukrainian Holstein Association (UHA).

The philosophy of the meat business

Every year shortfall from value-added beef production, in which Ukraine could be effectively engaged, about 1 bln. dollars are lost. Where are the money and how to get them back into the pocket of Ukrainian farmer, says economist of the investment department of the FAO Andrey Yarmak.

National Farm Day 2016 at Yekaterinoslavsky

26.08.2016 08:39:58

Reducing the cost of milk is one of the main factors of business saving. That is why the past few years, the quality of roughage — the basis of the ration, the guarantee of health and productivity of livestock — are constantly in the spotlight of the Association of Dairy Producers.

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