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«If to look from the outside, it may seem that our production has many features. Of course, for someone this is a feature, for us it is already the norm. Everyone should do what is right for him and what he believes in», — says Dmitry Samsonenko, deputy director of livestock management of the farm named after I. Franko, that is in Gubin First village Volyn region. Almost the first in Ukraine, taking into account the climatic conditions, they refused to grow alfalfa and use only rye hay and corn silage. Due to this, the need for land for forage production decreased — up to 50 acres per cow. There are other things that distinguish this dairy farm from others. However, there is much in common: they do not lag behind the world, apply new technologies, experiment, look for ways to optimize milk production as much as possible and make it highly efficient.

More information can be found in the magazine «Milk and Farm» № 1 (44), February 2018

Own processing and creation of added value
From collective farms to modern technologies

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