Own processing and creation of added value

About five years ago, his diplomatic mission in Slovenia ended. He returned to Ukraine, thought about joining the public service. Walked along the corridors and offices of state institutions, saw people in expensive suits who speak well and react weakly to what is happening around in the life of the country. He decided it was not for him and began to develop the farm, which was founded by his brother, Sergei Parubochy, in Borispol district Kiev region. So farming weekdays of financier and diplomat Valery Parubochy began. About the achieved, lessons, his vision of the dairy future of the country and the place of small producers in it with own processing, he frankly shares with the readers of the magazine.

More information can be found in the magazine «Milk and Farm» № 1 (44), February 2018

The status «national» does not interfere with development
Own way

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