Beet pulp: to know and preserve the value

Last year, 14 million tons of sugar beet was collected in Ukraine. From this amount of raw materials in the production of sugar you can get potentially about 3 million tons of byproduct and at the same time very valuable product - squeezed pulp with a content of dry matter 20-25%. Its price - as a feed, and not as byproduct - according to the calculations of European specialists, is 30-40 euros per ton. That is, the cost of all squeezed Ukrainian pulp is almost 100 million euros! For comparison: in support of the entire agrarian sector in 2018, the state budget provides 6.3 billion UAH (200 million euros).

Does Ukraine use this value?

More information read in the magazine «Milk and farm» № 2 (45), April 2018.

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