Underestimated reserve

The last two years, the topic of an additional source of profit for milk producers - fattening cattle dairy breeds - is actively discussed at various Ukrainian events. So, in November last year during the exhibition Ukrainian Food Expo the first congress of producers and exporters of beef Ukrainian Beef Congress was held. Then the participants even received a business plan for the fattening of the bull calves and a business plan for the organization of the slaughter and primary cattle processing complex developed within the framework of the special project of the FAO and the EBRD. At the XI International Dairy Congress in March 2018 Eugene Shatokhin, USAID project expert "Support to Agrarian and Rural Development", talked about the organization of procurement of young cattle in farms and the population with subsequent fattening. We talked with an international specialist to learn about the global trends in the beef market, problems and prospects in Ukraine.

More information can be found in the magazine «Milk and Farm» No. 4 (47), August 2018

Ukrainian beef: new perspectives
The philosophy of the meat business

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