Developing a Regional Dairy Exporting Cluster in Ukraine

Even though Ukraine produced 10.3 billion kg of milk in 2017, or 1.5% of global milk production, only 4.3 billion kilograms or 42% of this milk is processed due to farm holding size, milk quality, and milk collecting logistics challenges.

Ukraine’s dairy export values exceed $300m in 2016. This represents a value increase of 73% when compared to the previous year. This is a positive development. Yet, for Ukraine to reassert itself as an exporter on the global dairy market it needs to develop further.

Focus on Dairy Export Markets

Milk and dairy products accounted for over $80 billion USD in international trade in 2017. From a milk perspective less than 10% of the world’s milk supply is traded on the global market. Ukraine needs dedicated export factories of sufficent scale and quality if it plans to compete globally.

More information read in «Milk and Farm» magazine No. 5 (48), October 2018.

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