Real Life Stories: How Ukrainian Dairy Farms Work Under War Conditions

14.07.2022 15:05:25

The war has affected all dairy farms in Ukraine, from small to large, those that survived warfare and occupation, and those that were far from them. During the webinar «Dairy Farming at War: Real Stories» farmers from Sumy, Kyiv and Chernihiv regions shared their stories, problems and plans.

The story of Dementiev farm (Sumy region): «When we were milking cows, we prayed that they would be milked out as fast as possible»

The Dementievs' dairy farm, located in the village of Fesivka, Konotop district, was established in 2018. The farm owns 13 milking cows. With all the difficulties, it continues working and producing milk.

«We didn’t see columns of Russian troops, but they were moving 5 km away from the farm. We were separated by a swamp. Fighter jets and rockets were flying over the village. We were terrified. We started our morning by going out and listening to where the shells were flying. If it was not dangerous, we went to feed and milk the cows. Every evening, when we were milking them, we prayed that the cows would be milked out as fast as possible so we could hide. We, milk producers, always fight for more milk, but here we asked for less,» Oleksandr Dementiev says.

Ration and comfort

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