Development instead of band-aid approach

17.08.2017 08:40:01

A recent survey of dairy farms in Wisconsin, where cows milking more than 13.5 thousand kg of milk per cow, showed that not a high concentration of concentrates in the diet, but the quality of roughage determines the level of milk production.

Penny makes a penny

17.08.2017 08:38:15

While mentioning Donetsk region disturbing feeling appears in our mind.

The same thing happened with us when we went on a ten-hour journey to Nova Niva LLC, which is in Novokrasnovka village of the Nikolsky district.

Barns for a happy cows

17.08.2017 08:32:48

This is the true name for the barns in the LLC «Nova Niva», where the animals themselves plan their day: when to milk, when to eat, when to rest.

Third Power

17.08.2017 08:30:45

In the relationships between the producers of raw materials and its processors there is always a conflict of interests. Sometimes this conflict can be soften in a partner dialogue, sometimes in debates.

Sugar and milk are matched things with a right approach to the matter

05.07.2017 05:51:54

LLC «Agrofirm Dovzhenko» which is situated in Poltava region is the structural subdivision of the agro-industrial holding «Astarta-Kiev» — the leader in the production of sugar in Ukraine.

To reach a success you have to love what you do

05.07.2017 03:48:49

It is rare opportunity to talk with the founder and owner of a world-class company, ask the way to get to the pedestal.

Ukraine is still at the beginning of potential shift in agriculture

05.05.2017 05:41:26

The guest of honor of the Xth International Dairy Congress was Heinz Pöttinger, managing co-founder of PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH (Austria), which is one of the world leaders in the production of tillage machines and forage harvesters.

OPEN LOTS: Ukrainian experience

05.05.2017 05:35:34

The technology of year-round keeping cows in open areas is widely used in the USA. In particular, this technology is used in states with dry and hot climate.

Dreams Come True

28.12.2016 03:19:28

Not everyone will dare to make a sharp turn in its adult life. For the head of JLLS "Mriya" which ix in the Kharkiv region, the main reason for such turn was the love of the land. Anatoly Golovko got this feeling in his childhood, when was helping his parents to keep the house and work on the ground or near livestock.

Margin dictates rules

28.12.2016 03:09:12

Wisconsin can be rightly considered as Mecca of milk. In 2015 farmers from Wisconsin beat their own record for the production of raw milk — more than 13 mln. tons, and hold second place after California. They surpassed all indicates of cheese production — about 1.4 mln. tons (+ 26.6% over the past five years) — and first place, they have been deserving. Export of dairy products in 2014 brought nearly a billion dollars to the state budget.

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