Our tomorrow we build today

28.06.2016 09:19:08

During Agroinvesforum, about which we have already mentioned in the journal materials, I asked Vadim Andrushchak, director of «Potinger Ukraine», about investment sentiment which now prevails in the market. Planned for a few minutes short interview quietly grown into a large and deep conversation, by which I was very impressed. I hope that the reader will not remain indifferent.

Be the first is the risk, challenge and responsibility

28.04.2016 13:05:00

Independent Ukraine has set its sights on the industrial production of milk at the beginning of 2000. The starting point for many was a model farm and dairy holding school «Agro-Soyuz». Over time, new technologies have begun to take root in other Ukrainian farms. While some step by step moved forward, others argued, thought if to build or reconstruct, new farm — Ukrainian Milk Company (UMC) — quickly rushed in the history.

Establishment of a professional goat breeding in Ukraine

25.12.2015 07:37:32

2015, the year of the Goat, is very symbolic. It can be considered as the year of birth of professional goat breeding in Ukraine.

Vitchyznas Milk

25.12.2015 07:25:13

This farm is with its own character and its own way of development. They didn’t set a goal to run a race with others, competing for the highest yield, one of the main tasks was to care about animal health and milk quality. It is «Vitchyzna».

How to win a place under the sun

11.11.2015 09:26:38

Probably every milkman once in his life thought about their own processing. However, not everyone dares to take this step. The chairman of the Board of JSC «Plemzavod „Stepnoi “» Anatoly Volkov desired to deal with it for a long time.

The focus is on the development

18.09.2015 10:06:06

The history of dairy production in JV "Promin" is very typical for Ukraine. We started in 2004 from the remnants of the former Soviet luxury, it was only 50 cows that gave two liters of milk per day.

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