Rye is an alternative forage

Winter rye is less popular feed culture than alfalfa. And with the technology of cultivating the latter on hay, haylage or silage, domestic milk producers are better acquainted. However, the editorial staff of the magazine «Milk and Farm» decided to learn more about the value of winter rye by visiting practical seminar on the basis of «Terezine» (Bila Tserkva district, Kyiv region).

«Precise» feeding: trend or need?

At domestic dairy farms more and more often you can see high-tech equipment, including feeding. This is not just a trend, but a time requirement.

Prevention and treatment of mastitis: Estonian experience

We will add the theme of the fight against mastitis with the practical advice of the doctor of veterinary medicine of the Estonian University of Natural Sciences, Piret Kalmus, who was also among the speakers of this year’s Milk congress.

Efficiency of feed production: how many cows hectare can feed

One of the main prerequisites for the success of dairy business is the effective use of land under feed crops. I think it is very appropriate to turn to this topic right now, because the season of feed preparation is approaching.

Beet pulp: to know and preserve the value

Last year, 14 million tons of sugar beet was collected in Ukraine. From this amount of raw materials in the production of sugar you can get potentially about 3 million tons of byproduct and at the same time very valuable product - squeezed pulp with a content of dry matter 20-25%. Its price - as a feed, and not as byproduct - according to the calculations of European specialists, is 30-40 euros per ton.

Calves breeding: Ukrainian experience

We want to talk about the experience of the breeding farm «Promin» (Mykolaiv region), where the high productivity and health of livestock are successfully combined with the production efficiency. Sergey Yasevin, director of the farm, will help us in this.

Modern cow and feeding

Holsteins: triumphant rise and crises

Cows imported in the middle of the XIX century in the US from Holland and subsequently named Holstein, showed a phenomenal ability for genetic modification.

Making of quality silage: composing puzzle

Daily feeding of cows throughout the year depends to a large extent on a few days when roughage is made. The better it is, the easier it is to balance the rations and ensure the stable production of milk.

Feed production: countries are different — the problems are the same

British silage making expert Dave Davis is considered one of the best specialists in this field. For more than thirty years, he has been exploring all aspects of silage making, various feed crops, silage supplements, the effect of silage on the efficiency of rumination and the productivity of cows.

20 kg of dry matter is it 24 or 35 kg of milk?

Often the solution of the problem is very close, but we do not notice it. Moreover, we can even know it, but it is so obvious that we do not attach importance to it. The same applies to the dairy productivity of cows.

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