Automatic calves rearing system

Olga Zarytska

As in other farms in SE «RE named afterDecembrists» that is in Poltava, pay great attention to calves rearin. Until recently, the transfer of calves from individual huts in groups ended stressfully for the animals and with disappointment for directors and employees. Now the problem is solved by innovations from abroad.

Professional evaluation — the perfect diet

Sergey Swiderski, deputy commercial director of «Phoenix-Agro»

Today, there is a lot of news about the feed ingredients: where it is made, nutritional qualities, test results and more. You can also find lots of tips on how to better use it.

The purer, the more useful

Olga Zaritsky

We continue to discuss the topic of productive longevity of dairy cows. One of the key factors influencing the health, productivity and, consequently, the duration of the use of animals is a quality roughage.

Lameness and longevity

Olga Zaritsky

Continuing the theme of productive longevity of dairy cows, this time we’ll focus on the floor in the barn. Head of research department of the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU) Professor Christer Bergsten advises what material is best to choose for new farms and to optimize the floor surface in the reconstructed areas. He spoke at an international scientific conference in St. Petersburg in May this year, one of the organizers of which was the company "DeLaval".

Comfort in the stalls and barns

Sergey Fil, Head of milk production technology consulting center ADP

Cow comfort plays an important role in ensuring the health of the herd and getting high yields. The conditions in which the cow is, determine its performance and lifespan. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to prevent stress factors, which may be caused by errors in the planning of the barn, especially the stalla.

What is a pre-mix

Karina Olikhver, marketing manager of the factory for the production of premixes NOVACORE (OOO "Inbel")

The most expensive item of expenditure on a dairy farm is feeding. To be effective, it is important to balance the diet for nutrient depending on the needs of livestock and reach it better digestibility.

The quality of roughage and cost of milk

Vladimir Mirnenko, LLC «Potinher Ukraine»

High yield is not always an indicator of efficiency and high profitability. In Ukraine, the average cost of a liter of milk is 4,10-4,20 UAH., and in some households — 4.50 UAH. However, there are others where it is equal to 3.5 UAH.

Making Corn Paste is an Alternative to Compound Feedstuff and Flaked Corn

Source: Progressive Agrarian Technologies

The word «paste» usually means a mix of grain flour. The use of the extruded paste became very popular after it was explored that net energy value of ground corn is 10-15% higher than of compound feedstuff.

Feeding Liquid Whey to Dairy Cattle

An inquiry of using liquid whey in feeding dairy herds has come to Consulting centre of Ukrainian Dairy Association from the specialists of one of its members — PJSC «Plemzavod ‘Stepnoi’». The consultants in close collaboration with American partners from the University of Wisconsin prepared an answer to a demand. Whereas some enterprises of the company have their own milk processing plants as well as its byproducts, and there are many such enterprises in Ukraine we decided to publish some information about using liquid whey in the magazine «Milk and Farm».

Quality forage conservation: important aspects

Source: CLAAS Ukraine LLC

Forage must be of top quality and none of milk producers will deny this fact. Though, ways to obtain top quality forage often become a matter of argument among specialists of different production lines and an owner of the dairy farm. At first sight it makes sense as agricoltor, engineer or herd manager’s motivation differs. One is more interested in price, the other — in cost of parts and top yield and the amount of forage are of high priority for the last one. However, it doesn’t matter how much you will grow per hectare, milk production depends on the amount fed to cows.

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