Millet and Sorgo in the Dairy Cattle Rations

Maria Yaroshko

The productivity of milking herd depends not only on the sufficient amount of feed, but also on its quality, balance and nutrition qualities. Experts in crop farming and cattle breeding are in constant searching of optimal solutions. 

Comparative Analysis of Fat Used for Cattle Feeding

Andrii Lemeshev, TH ‘Bios’, LLC

Nowadays there are a lot of ‘protected’ fats issued from palm oil. It is important to differentiate between them (They are not of equal value), because they are produced through different stages of development and design of ‘protected’ feed supplement, using different manufacturing processes and characterized according to different levels of good and harm.

The role of protein in the diet of dairy cattle

Maria Yaroshko, MA MBA, Associate NimATs

In the animal organism proteins are being produced continuously because they are necessary for growth and reproduction, the synthesis of biologically active compounds, recovery of cells that die and formation of products - milk or meat.

Silage and haylage making: basic mistakes and how to avoid them

Dmytro Donchenko, the author of technologies and co-founder of «Ukrprolife»

Juicy feed occupy a large share in the rations of dairy cattle. Over the centuries as the main juicy feed for dairy cows always use silage and haylage. Their nutritional value and quality are critical factors in the performance and health of the herd.

Schmallenberg disease in facts and figures

(Adapted from foreign sources)

Vladislav Hanyeyev, Candidate of Veterinary Science

History and distribution

Schmallenberg disease, which is still not fully understood, and causes a lot of controversy, was first described in Northern Europe in the summer of 2011. Then there were reports that the German dairy cows have signs of fever, anorexia, decreased their milk yield (50%), the animals lost weight. Incidence rate of herds was high (20-70%) within 2-3 weeks,and sick animals recovered in a few days.

Cornstarch, its types and significance for feeding dairy cattle

Maria Yaroshko, MA MBA, Associate NimATs

Quality corn silage best meets the needs of ruminants among all the roughage. It is characterized by a high concentration of energy and digestibility and a good milk production stimulating feed. The value of corn silage depends on the cultivation of maize, technology of harvesting silage, hybrids proper selection and harvesting time.

How to detect adulteration of soybean meal

Vladimir Yaroshenko, a consultant of feed production, teacher of Uman National University of Horticulture

Natalia Bezpala, Head of the Laboratory «First of May» feed factory Ltd.

Soybean meal is popular in Ukraine protein component of animal feed, which is increasingly being used in diets for different animals. The benefits of this product are known almost to everyone who is engaged in livestock breeding, particularly in feed production. Let’s emphasize the fact that almost everyone who develops recipes for feed, buy the said component via an ideal combination of price and quality.

Now’s the time for your summer cooling plan

Four times a year, Peter and Connie have a big team meeting with all of their other consultants. We found that their dairy fits into a pattern that we see throughout our practice. There are six months when milking cows in the Midwest are pretty good, November through April. Then there are the transition months, May and October, and the four summer months.

Feeding of dry cows and heifers

Pavlo Palamarchuk, Associate of Resource Center of Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine

Obtaining high yields, well developed offsprings, health and reproductive ability of cows — all this depends on the organization of feeding in the dry period. Despite the relatively short duration (45-60 days), dry period is very important.

The technology of full mixed ration

Victor Sych, Ph.D., director of «KUHN Ukraine»

As we promised in the previous article about choosing fodder, this time we’ll consider how to feed cattle with complete mixed ration (CMR), how to prepare and check the quality and its effect on milk and meat production.

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