Calves breeding: Ukrainian experience

We want to talk about the experience of the breeding farm «Promin» (Mykolaiv region), where the high productivity and health of livestock are successfully combined with the production efficiency. Sergey Yasevin, director of the farm, will help us in this.

«During the day, 5-10 calves are born on the farm. They are large enough, weighing 40-50 kg, but calving passes easily. The help of veterinarians is needed in about 10% of cases. This is achieved due to the good genetics of cows (we select the bulls for the ease of calving), the development of the skeleton (proper care and feeding from birth for high growth, good skeleton development and formation of the corresponding width of the pelvic passage), as well as proper feeding during lactation and dry period, so as not to have too large fetus», - says Sergey Yasevin.

More information can be found in the magazine «Milk and Farm» № 1 (44), February 2018

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