6 (25) | December, 2014

Table of contents


Changing the approach to the use of water in Ukraine


Ascent to Olympus

International Congress from Zoetis

AVM News

Considering the cost

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy cattle breeding

Ukrainian beef cattle breeding

Ukrainian Milk processing: resources and perspectives

The world dairy market: the fall continues


Opinion of an expert: price risks and how to avoid them

Dairy farm under control: contaminants, pesticides, antibiotics

Water use efficiency in the dairy industry

Our interviews

The development strategy of the dairy industry. Interview with Andrei Yarmak, the economist of the Investment Center Technical Cooperation Department FAO

Management and economics

Dairy protection

Milk and returns

Forage conservation: results of 2014

Treatise on dairy cattle breeding. Brown breeds

At the razor's edge

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Effect of feed additive NitroShureTM in diets with a high content of crude protein at milk production of cows

Automatic calves rearing system

Birds hazing

Cow - is not only the milk

Management classics

Tablet from business

Philosophy of life

Milkmn meridians

At the edge of common sense and fiction

Profitable Pig Production magazine