4 (47) | August, 2018

Table of contents


Legislative initiatives of Association of Milk producers of Ukraine (AMP)

Why is there a lot of falsified dairy products in Ukraine? Interview with Vadim Chagarovsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Dairy Processors Union

National Farm Day in Lviv region

National Farm Day in Poltava region

Mastitis control on the farm

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding in Ukraine: results of the half-year

Dairy products: production and export

Milk production and trade in the world

Feeds: the currency and the weather warm up prices

Beef: close and distant horizons

Underestimated reserve. Interview with Yevgeny Shatokhin, USAID Project Expert Support to Agrarian and Rural Development

Business strategy

It is interesting to work when there is a result. Interview with Svetlana Vakhnyuk, deputy head of livestock department of the farm Sergey-S (Zhytomyr region).

One gate play. Experience of SE RF Shevchenkovskoe (Kiev region).

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Forage in Dairy Diets

Silage with winter wheat. Experience of AF Kolos (Kyiv region)

Magic tablet for transition cows. Experience of Promin Ltd. (Mykolayiv region)

Protected niacin: minimum heat stress and maximum productivity

The importance of yeast for dairy productivity and reproduction

Beet pulp in dairy cattle rations

Vitamin and mineral nutrition of cows

Reproduction of cows: Ukrainian experience

Treatment of toxic mastitis: practical advice

Rational antimicrobial therapy of mastitis in cows

Management classics

Business, interested employees and the right leaders

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