2 (57) | May, 2020

Table of contents


Quarantine: new realities

The results of the competition for the best alfalfa silo in 2019

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Raw milk market during the quarantine: the consequences are tangible

Foreign trade during the pandemic: a single gate game

Feed: pandemic and agro challenges

Business strategy

The first steps toward composting

Management and economics

Dairy farm profit reserves: identify and use. The case of Tak-Agro LLC (Kyiv region)

Weekly work schedule for dairy personnel: tasks, protocols, motivation. Experience of Moloko Vitchyzny LLC (Sumy region)

Safety and quality of milk

Quality milk on Ukrainian farms. Progress LLC (Volyn region), Agro Firm Kyivska (Kyiv region) and AF Soniashnyk LLC (Poltava region) share their experience.

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Quality silage and profitability of milk production. Interview with Horst Auerbach (Germany)

Mycotoxins in forages: sources, effects, solutions

How to improve milk component composition through feeding

Laboratory diagnostics and control of viral diarrhea in cattle

Metaphylactic measures to preserve animal health and productivity

Reproduction in cattle in Q&A

Heat stress: effects on dry cows and calves before birth

I love milk

Eight milk myths and two ideas for business

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