6 (43) | December, 2017

Table of contents


New Year's passions around the state budget and the tax code

Agrarian Olympus 2017: it is fashionable to be effective

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: preliminary results

World prospects of Ukrainian beef

On the eve of the new year: deal with SMP - and go forward

Record production and stocks weaken prices

Record production and stocks weaken prices

Business strategy

From collective farms to modern technologies

Safety and quality of milk

In a new way: the production of raw milk and state control

One step closer to safe and quality product

Antibiotic resistance: the problem of the whole world

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Feed production: countries are different - the problems are the same

Making of quality silage: composing puzzle

How to improve the efficiency of manure

Power amplifier for fresh cows

Fresh breath of air for calves

Eva-polymer: suitable for you - will suit the cow

Growing of feed crops: how to sow

International experience

Dairy Iowa: Secrets of Success

Management classics

Owner and manager: how to get along in one "kitchen"

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