1 (20) | February, 2014

Table of contents


AVM News

Regulation of the dairy market

Facts and Events

Association of Dairy Producers: results of 2013

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding in 2013: results and forecasts

Milk processing 2013. Are there any grounds for concern?

Dairy Production in the World

Spring forage prospects

EU legislation on food safety

Our interviews

Integrated development concept. Interview with Alexander Vorobii, the owner of Agrofirm Kievskaia, (Kiev region).

Legal terrain

Looking for a place for farm

Management and economics

Precision livestock farming in Ukraine

Ukrainian Veterinary market: rules of the game. Interview with Valery Samofal, director of D VET

The price paid

Color of the dairy herd

Hidden acidosis: assume the loss

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Live long, my cow!

What is the difference between grain and silage hybrid?

Distillers grain in the dairy cows ration

Exact protein feeding of dairy cows

High production without ketosis

Choline for cows in transition period

Probiotics in cattle feeding

How to deal with stress and increase yields

The role of bedding in the cattle housing

Cooling Systems on Dairy Farms

Cross-ventilation barns

Bovine Viral Diarrhea

Domestic drugs in the treatment of cows with mastitis of various etiologies

Control of flies number on the farm

Philosophy of life


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