3 (16) | June, 2013

Table of contents


AVM News

Legislative initiatives

Facts and Events

Celebrities for a healthy lifestyle

Milk Day in Ukraine

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Production and Dairy Market in Ukraine

The global dairy market: current state and prospects

Global Dairy Map

Our interviews

All roads lead to the farm. Interview with Valery Kolosha, director of PAC Peskovskoe (Chernihiv region)

Private sector

Cooperatives. Ukrainian practice

Management and economics

Not everyone is sold. Interview with Stepan Ivahivym, MP, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations

Gilded youth

Economic feasibility of proper young stock raising

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Factors Affecting Milk Composition of Lactating Cows

Silage and haylage making: basic mistakes and how to avoid them

Soybeans as Forage for Dairy Cattle

orn silage conservation

Improving the feeding value of corn silage

The role of protein in the diet of dairy cattle

Energy supplements to counteract of cows' ketosis

Effective methods for dealing with heat stress in cows

Heat stress and its effects on metabolism and productivity

Colostrum, the modern methods of its application and storage

Are you ready for fly season?

Dairy history

Dairy cattle breeding in times of stagnation

Management classics

The territory of time management

Philosophy of life

Full bank

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