6 (67) | December, 2021

Table of contents


Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy Industry - 2021: Results of the Year and Prospects

World market. There will be no cheap milk in the near future

Seven trends that will shape the dairy business in 2022

Feed production: record yields and cheap oil put pressure on prices

Business strategy

The one who works will achieve good luck. Interview with Petro Tikhonyuk, owner of the Litinsky dairy plant (TM "Belozgar") and POSP "Napadovskoe" (Vinnytsia region)

Management and economics

The Dairy Reference Model is a new tool for improving production efficiency.

Management automation and farm profitability

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Inside and out: new guidelines for feeding dairy cattle

Efficiency of using the energy supplement ENERGY-TOP to increase the productivity and reproductive capacity of dairy cattle

Effects of feeding microbial preparations based on Bacillus spp. on productivity, health and reproduction of dairy cows

Changeable vacuum: impact on productivity and teats condition

The importance of biochemical research in the control of metabolic diseases in livestock

Why is this cow standing?

Everything matters when it comes to hoof health

Management classics

How business principles have changed in the 21st century: 4 transformations

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