5 (72) | October, 2022

Table of contents


Markets. Prices. Forecasts

On the brink of recession: an overview of the global and Ukrainian milk market

Hostages of the grain agreement: an analysis of the grain and feed market

Business strategy

Biomethane prospects. Interview with the chairman of the board of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, Georgiy Geletukha

Management and economics

Genetics and sustainable milk production

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

EUROTIER 2022 gold and silver

Five steps to a quality alfalfa stand

Rye grain in feeding the dairy herd: practical experience of the POSP named after Ivan Franko

The study of biochemical indicators of blood serum is one of the key tools for the diagnosis and control of cattle diseases

Cross-ventilation: the first season in Volyn

What can be done for better calf comfort

One head is good, two or more is better

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