2 (63) | April, 2021

Table of contents


Renovated dairy farm of Moloko Vitchyzny

Debunking the myths about working in agriculture

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: results of the first quarter

World market: cool weather and hot prices

Feed: cold and drought weather is a concern

Business strategy

A footprint on the land. The interview with Andriy Ostapchuk, Director of the farm Svitanok (Khmelnytsk region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Alfalfa signals

Sugar levels in the diet: the next step in ration balancing?

Postbiotic from Aspergillus oryzae for the protection of cows against heat stress

Feed making experience: time-tested

How to feed transition cows for health and high productivity

Diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts

Drying off should not cause mastitis

Subclinical metritis in cows

Colostral immunity is the key to calf health

A comprehensive construction solution for the efficient dairy business

Modern systems of natural and mechanical ventilation of barns and cooling of cows

Philosophy of life

When the leader is respected

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