What consumers wait from organic products

Tatiana Antonenko, International Dairy Magazine

Patient Ukrainian consumer, after the habit of Soviet Union modest grocery shelves suffered the shock of a variety of cheap food stalls at the supermarkets, wasn’t long happy with foreign colorful wraps. Common sense prevailed, and the words «this is our, domestic, natural» showed that people «overeat» imported and came back to a simpler but domestic.

Completely different philosophy

Tatiana Antonenko, International Dairy Magazine

We’ve been living in a time that can be called «the period of the industrial provision of people with food.» On the one hand, it is clear that despite the international analysts of predicted food crisis it is an industrial approach that can solve the problem of lack of food. On the other hand — more powerful the propaganda becomes of consumption and, consequently, food production with as less interference of the same «industrialization» as during production and processing. It should be noted that a return to «pre-industrial» methods of cultivation and/or fattening of all that then becomes food the hottest is manifested in countries with high-tech agriculture and food industry.

Where demand exceeds supply

Tatiana Antonenko, International Dairy Magazine

Chernigivshchyna — a land where large scale milk production was preserved since Soviet Union. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy data in 2010 the amount of cattle in the region reached 149.6 thousand head. However, in June 2011 it decreased to 143.4 thousand (95.9%).

Cinderella of food elite

Recently, the usefulness of milk for human health is often questionable. Numerous publications in various media (including television) implement abstracts: "milk is good only for children", "elderly people drink bad milk," milk is bad because of lactose intolerance "(how many people - is not mentioned) "Milk helps set overweight", "what we now drink - is not milk," all cows are sick, "all milk is from powder, all butter is from palm oil", etc. Only lazy did not join this chorus.

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