4 (35) | August, 2016

Table of contents


Lumpy skin disease: questions and answers

In search of new markets

French Dairy Farm Day

Ukrainian Holsteins made their debut

AVM News

National Farm Day - 2016 at Yekaterinoslavsky

Business tour to Turkey

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding: results of the first six months

Milk processing: New Challenges and Perspectives

World market: light at the end of the tunnel

Feed Market: prices are constantly falling

Feed: by-products

Expert opinion. Wheat: a holy place is never empty

Beef: close and distant horizons

The philosophy of the meat business

African horizons of Ukrainian beef

Business strategy

Foreigners in Ukrainian dairy business. Interview with Chris Franken, director of dairy production at Lomovate Ltd. (Cherkasy region).

The new milking parlor - the new opportunities

Management and economics

Consulting on the farm - a step into the future!

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Hybrids of silage corn group APK MAIS

Corn for silage: the height of cutting

How inoculants affect silage quality

High-moisture corn: harvesting, storing and feeding

The role of a controlled releasable non-protein nitrogen in feeding cows during heat stress

Automated feeding of calves

Diarrhea in calves

Control of abomasum displacement in cows

The antimicrobial properties of danofloks in the treatment of cows' mastitis

Veterinary drugs via the Internet

Solution of bacterial problems at dairy farms

New models of drills: high performance and low power requirements to the tractor

Management classics

Manager and conflicts: to avoid or to participate

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