4 (53) | August, 2019

Table of contents


Improved identification and registration of cattle. Interview with Igor Klimenko, Director of the Agency for the Identification and Registration of Animals

National Farm Day at Agrofirma Mayak LLC

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: results of the first half of the year

The world is getting hotter

Feed production: bearish trends prevail

Corn in Ukraine and the world: what to expect?

Business strategy

In search of a middle ground. Interview with Sergey Ivashchuk, General Director of LLC NV Agrofirm Pearl of Podolia (Khmelnitsky region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

How to achieve perfection: dry and fresh periods

Genetic factor of influence on protein content in cattle milk

Silage Corn: How to Choose the Right Hybrid

Characteristics of corn feed value

Transition period: task list

Transition cows. Dispelling myths with Dr. Rick Grumer

Prebiotics and Probiotics

Feed mix you are sure of

Heat stress in cows

Mastitis Control: US Experience

How not to miss a cow in heat

What is the best synchronization program

Prostaglandins F2alfa: is there a difference?

Management classics

Unexpected Tips to Improve Your Productivity

Profitable Pig Production magazine