2 (75) | April, 2023

Table of contents


The road map for the dairy industry recovery. Industry financing of programs to stimulate demand and production of dairy products

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Milk production: growing competition amid weak demand

Milk processing: consequences of the war, global and domestic trends

Farm of the war period

Livestock 24/7/365. Work experience and restoration of a dairy enterprise (Chernihiv region)

Business strategy

Production of bioethanol in Ukraine: status and development prospects

Energy conservation in dairy farming

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Feeding: how to get the most return

An investment in choline today is guaranteed returns tomorrow and in the future from generations to come

Every leaf is important

Corn silage: is there a quality alternative

Hay conservant: a placebo or an effective tool

Lameness of livestock: consequences of metabolic disorders and unbalanced feeding

Energy nutritional value of feeds for cattle: meaning, methods of determination

Clinical mastitis: how to achieve the desired result

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