UMAN LABS introduced an innovative device for the diagnosis of mastitis

UMAN LABS introduced an innovative device for the diagnosis of mastitis

SCC and milk quality

The number of somatic cells is one of the main indicators of milk quality, which signals an infection in the udder. In 95% of non-infected animals in a herd SCC of an individual cow will be below 100 thousand/ml. How to achieve this level in practice and how the farm’s profitability depends on it, told an expert of GD Animal Health, Rian van Egmond, during the Dutch Milk Day, which took place on September 25 at Kishchentsy LLC in Cherkasy region.

Renewable manure bedding: what? how? what for?

Manure is a by-product of milk production, and sooner or later each farm faces the problem of its utilization. Sergey GRYAZNOV, director of sales in the North, Central and South America and Central Asia of the BAUER group of companies, tells about world practice and trends in manure treatment methods, as well as the feasibility and peculiarities of using its solid fraction for bedding.

Magic tablet for transition cows

Feeding highly producing cows, and especially during the transition period, is still a real challenge for farmers and nutritionalists. How to maintain high productivity, health, and the ability of cows to reproduce?

Beet pulp in dairy cattle rations

In previous issues of the magazine, we talked about the value of ensiled pressed beet pulp and the economic feasibility of its use in cattle feeding, based on the results of research and practice of German dairy farms.

Reproduction of cows: Ukrainian experience

We used to consider foreign experience as reference and take it as an example. Meanwhile, in Ukraine, there are a number of dairy-commodity farms that have reached production indicators of the world level, including reproduction.

Strategies for improving reproduction of cows: experience of TD «Dolinske»

In the leading enterprise of the Association of Milk Producers LLC «TD „Dolinske“» from Kherson region, it became clear that literally for the quarter it is possible to improve the fertility rate by more than 10%.

Balancing the diet of cows during the transition period: anionic salts and protected fats

A highly-producing cow undergoes significant metabolic changes in the transit period.

Profitable comfort

In the previous issue of the magazine we talked about the general principles of comfort for cows and how important it is to milk production, health and reproduction of the herd.

Beet pulp: how not to lose nutrition

We continue to discuss the use of beet pulp in feeding cows. According to the estimate of the German nutritionist Udo Weber, today the maximum possible price of squeezed pulp with a dry matter content of 20-25% - as a feed, but not a byproduct - is 30-40 euros per ton. At the same time, the total actual cost of silaged pulp in Ukraine is about 10 euros/t (product cost + transportation + putting in the sleeve).

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