How to grow healthy calves. Practical advice

Do you know that almost 15% of the heifers do not survive by the first lactation, and the third by the second lactation? The reason is diseases of newborn calves.

Factors of cows’ infertility

Successful reproduction is one of the most important factors of effective milk production. Therefore every owner of cattle concerned with the question: what prevents cow from bringing calf every year?

Three enemies of feed making

Yuri Sivov, Director of Development of CC ADP

Roughage always was the basis of the cows’ ration: green grass mass, hay, haylage, silage. The cost of poor and quality feed is the same or slightly different. But the effectiveness of their use is better for quality feed.

Non-protein nitrogen. What is it? With what is it eaten? What is withheld when they sell?

In contrast to the single-chamber stomach animals, animals with multi-chamber stomach (actually, it is about cows) in the mesh of the fissile stomach protein products can replace the production of large-scale chemistry.

Perfect milker

Prepared on the basis of a presentation by representatives of «DeLaval» Edward Ziegert at the opening of a dairy complex PAL «Ukraine» (HC «Eridon») in the village Pochuyky Popilnyansky district, Zhytomyr region.

July 7, 2015 at 7 am for the first time in Zhytomyr udder of the cows was touched by robot, but not milkmaids. It took place at built from scratch dairy farm PAL «Ukraine». It is equipped with 8 voluntary milking stations, which will serve 500 cows.

Feeding and digestion of cattle

Yuri Sivov, Head of Consulting centre of ADP

Man to meet his constantly growing both quantitatively and qualitatively demand for animal products, moved from hunting to grazing cattle, and then - to industrial livestock. We grow and then eat fish, poultry, rodents, reptiles, pigs, cows and more.

Milk from forage-2015: to feed the same — to get more

Vladimir Mirnenko, LLC «Pottinger Ukraine»

Cow, which consumes 20 kg of dry matter of feed, can produce 24 kg of milk per day and can 36 kg. The same 20 kg of DM, but they are similar only at first glance. We have already clearly realized, that in crop growing fertilizers are very different in content and solubility of the active ingredient.

Comfortable environment for maximum productivity

Valery Tiseyko, director of «Agroklimat Ukraine»

For any enterprise the main task is to increase efficiency and productivity. Farms, which milk 20 kg of milk per cow per day, tend to have 24 kg, and those that have already reached this limit, dream of 30 kg. One of the factors affecting the productivity of livestock is a microclimate.

Hay for calves: Pros and Cons

Olga Zarytska

What are our decisions based on how calves should be fed during milk period? The results of years of research indicate that in addition to milk they need to be given concentrates with high content of nutrients.

Sand Bedding: important details

Olga Zarytska

The choice of bedding for cows is one of the most important decision because it should reflect the style of management and aims of the farm. Sand is considered to be the gold standard: it increases the comfort of cows, increases rest period, protects against diseases of the udder and hooves. However, along with the benefits, there are many difficulties associated with its use.

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