2 (15) | April, 2013

Table of contents


AVM News

Facts and Events

Ukrainian Investment Forum

In search of the "stars" or Peculiarities of National Veterinarian Hunting

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy industry of Ukraine. The results of the 1-st quarter

Would the Potential sale markets be real for Ukrainian dairy produers?

Exchange-traded dairy products: the current price situation and forecast

Feed Market

Our interviews

Great integrator. Interview with Anatoly Volkov, chairman of the Board of "Plemzavod "Stepnoi"" (Zaporozhye region)

Protecting Milk

What consumers wait from organic products

Management and economics

Quo vadis, or Where is the global dairy industry going?

Think like a cow thinks. Interview with Gordon Jones, an independent consultant and co-owner of a dairy farm "Central Sands" (USA)

Feeding Management

Modern approaches to milk production and grouping strategy

How cow Laska entered the market

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

First milking robots in Ukraine

Corn starch, its types and significance for feeding dairy cattle

The use of brewer's grain as additional raw material during ensiling

Pick up and compress

Feeder-mixer - no alternative solution of the optimal organization of feeding cattle, and how not to make a mistake with its choice?

Choline is a necessary ingredient for dairy cows

Full autolysis of yeast cells for maximum productivity of ruminants

Schmallenberg disease in facts and figures

International experience

Dairy production in Austria

Philosophy of life

How to make smart people stop doing stupid mistakes

Parable about mistakes

Profitable Pig Production magazine