6 (73) | December, 2022

Table of contents


Requirements for the safety and quality of milk and milk products: phased transition periods have been postponed

Ukraine has been put on the world cheese map

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

The dairy industry has persevered and continues to work for victory

Freedom and independence are given to us at too high price to return to semi-sovism after the war. Interview with Olena Zhupinas, project manager of AMP "Group milk sales"

Feed market: a summary of a difficult year

The level of uncertainty and instability in the world is the highest it has been in the last thirty years

Farm of the war period

Today, keeping low-yielding animals is a luxury. Interview with Valery Lototsky, director of development of the AMP Center

Milk with the taste of war. Blitz-interview with Andrii Pastushenko, director of the "Dnipro Ltd." (Kherson region); Rostyslav Zinovskyi, owner of Shabska farm and European cheese factory (Odesa region) and Serhii Strilets, deputy director of Chervon

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

What should be the cutting length of grass silage?

Hypocalcemia: it's all about time

Cows are not comfort eaters

Prevention of respiratory diseases: three key stages of management

Treatment of clinical mastitis with antibiotics during lactation: experience of European countries

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