3 (46) | June, 2018

Table of contents


New legislative challenges: how not to fall into the trap

New life for Yatran Ltd.

"Kischenzi" officially opened the rotary milking parlour

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy realities

Even more milk fat

Feeds: lower demand - lower prices

Livestock insurance: virgin land


Business strategy

The dairy business is interesting because uneasy. Interview with Andrey Rybachenko, Deputy Director of OOO "Ivnitsa" (Zhytomyr region).

The right investment. Interview with Vitaly Pivovar, Deputy Director of Andreevka LLC (Kharkiv region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Rye is an alternative forage

Importance of bacterial strain in silage inoculants

Protected choline and cow productivity

Beet pulp: how not to lose nutrition

Balancing the diet of cows during the transition period: anionic salts and protected fats

Precise feeding: trend or need?

Selective dry off therapy: an open question

Strategies for improving reproduction of cows: experience of TD "Dolinske"

Profitable comfort

Management classics

Business and the laws of nature

Profitable Pig Production magazine