5 (24) | October, 2014

Table of contents


AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian cattle breeding

Milk processing industry

Global price collapse

Feed: Autumn price collapse

European control

Will Georgians taste Ukrainian milk?

Our interviews

Small farms: recipe for success. Interview with Denis Sergienko, director of "Ponory" (Chernihiv region).

Management and economics

The Dutch take the case, or Dutch dairy business in Ukraine

More cheese from milk

Treatise on dairy cattle. Red breeds

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

The purer, the more useful

NUTRIPLUS for dairy producers

Professional evaluation - the perfect diet

Production of microbial protein and ruminal metabolism

Control of mycotoxins in feeds for cows

How to grow healthy calves

Antimicrobial activity of Tsefinel regarding respiratory diseases of calves

Maximum comfort for maximum productivity

How to get rid of birds on farms

Management classics

Nightwatch business: all emerge from the shadows!

Philosophy of life

Parable about the scorpion and the turtle

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