3 (40) | June, 2017

Table of contents


Land market: the way it should exist

National Farm Day on the basis of PE "Plemzavod "Stepnoi"

Breeding is a permanent work. Interview with the head of Genetics and Selection company

10th anniversary of "BIOMIN Ukraine" company

First Canadian milk day in Ukraine

AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Butter agiotage and other world trends

Ukrainian dairy basket

Price variation and Ukrainian milk

Forage: grains in red, oil crops in black

Oil crops and products of its processing

Business strategy

Sugar and milk are matched things with a right approach to the matter. Interview with the general director LLC Agrofirm Dovzhenko Viktor Skochko

Dairy range of Astarta

To reach a success you have to love what you do. Interview with the owner and founder of and Biomin Holding GmbH and ERBER Group Erich Erber.

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Milking-robots: successful test drive

How do inoculants influence on silage quality?

Top-silage: additional 5 kg of milk cow/day

Sledge attack on the foraging front

Choline and methionine for transition cows: how to distinguish facts from myths

Insemination of problem cow

Cystic ovary in dairy cows

Integrated approach to a microclimate matter

International experience

Not by milk alone

Management classics

First and most favourite managers steps on the same rake

Profitable Pig Production magazine