Desire is needed to develop production and be successful

Vadim Chagarovsky, Chairman of the board of the Union of Ukrainian dairy enterprises — is a specialist who started his professional as foreman assistant at the dairy plant, and gradually passed all stages up to high positions in the dairy industry in Ukraine.

The efficiency of stockbreeding and feed production

Elman Orujov is well known in the circle of Ukrainian milk producers and beyond it. He was among the first who has began to introduce in Ukraine the industrial production of milk. Over the past ten years, the industry has reached a new level, but the world’s best performance is yet to come.

Milk production should be cost-effective

To have a complete picture of Ukrainian dairy sector during 10 years we had a talk with Oleg Krasnorutskiy, director of the company "DeLaval". Company, which for two decades in a row delivers products and solutions for dairy farming on the Ukrainian market.

The success is in cooperation

In cooperation you can achieve much more than alone. This is one of the main lessons that has learned one of the founders of the Association of Milk Producers, Head of FAE “Piskivske” Valerii Kolosha during the past decade.

We have already made technological revolution, the mental — is ahead

Over the past ten years, the national dairy breeding has changed dramatically. The attitude of agricultural producers has also changed. However, it is not enough to respond the new challenges of the global and Ukrainian dairy market.

Genetics is a tool to influence on efficiency and the cost of milk production

Together with the period of independence, genetics of dairy cattle in Ukraine becomes chaotic. The lack of unified national purpose of breeding dairy cattle and a plan of actions at the national level left the economy left face to face with its problems.

Ukraine is an open field for work

The Austrian company «Pöttinger» came to the Ukrainian market a decade ago, much later than the other suppliers of similar equipment.

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