4 (29) | August, 2015

Table of contents


One step away from the most technologically advanced dairy farm in Ukraine

French Milk Day in Ukraine

AVM News

III Ukrainian Milk Day

National Farm Day

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Dairy cattle breeding: a delicate balance

Beef production: Autumn fall of prices

Milk processing: the results of six months

World market: weak global demand and low prices for milk

Halal certification as a mechanism to enter new markets

Feeds: the fall of oil prices can play a cruel joke with the prices for oilseeds

Concentrated feeds: the calm before the beginning of a new recycling campaign

Experts opinion. Will the new sunflower meal be cheaper?

Business strategy

The focus is on the development. Experience of JV "Promin" (Arbuzinsky district, Mykolaiv region).

How to break the vicious circle. Interview with Oleg Voloshin, Chairman of the Board of JSC "Dubnomoloko"

Management and economics

Does your farm comply with EU standards?

Fresh cows age and profitability

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Feeding and digestion of cattle

Subclinical ketosis causes economic losses

When the violin is set up, then a tune is good

LELY JUNO proved its effectiveness

Perfect milker

The design of facilities for the close-up cows

Autolyzed yeast for dairy cows

Management classics

How to create a real team on the farm

Philosophy of life

Parable about team interaction

Profitable Pig Production magazine