4 (17) | August, 2013

Table of contents


AVM News

Specialized Working Group settles problems on Dairy Market

Legislative and Civil initiatives.

Current Events and Facts

Americans Shared their Experience

National Farm Day

Dairymen will Create Cheese Country in Kyiv

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding: Results of the First Half-year

Dairy Products Production

World Dairy Market: Current State and Future Prospect

Feed Market

The Belarusians are striking at

Abolition of Milk Quotas in the EU: the Impact on Ukrainian Dairy Industry

Our interviews

Where Do We Get Pearls? An Interview with Sergii Ivashchuk, Executive Director of Agro firm Perlyna Podilia (Khmelnytskii region)

Legal terrain

State Agriculture Inspection of. Ukraine: What Should Business Expect

Management and economics

Building a Goat Farm Successful Business. An Interview with Emiel van Haaren, an Independent Advisor, Owner of the Company Capriscope, the Netherlands

Smart Investments

Four Steps to a Final Goal

What tone are you setting for your farm?

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Ensiling and starch digestibility

Pasture Feed Production

Millet and Sorgo in the Dairy Cattle Rations

Soybean Hulls as a Source of Energy for Milking Cows

Comparative Analysis of Fat Used for Cattle Feeding

Not All Protected Feedstuffs are the same

Vivifying effect of Probiotic

The Optimal Housing temperature Means Healthy Animal and High Productiveness

How to Reduce Somatic Cells Amount

Management classics

Foreign Experience of Motivation

Philosophy of life

A Parable About Two Workers

Profitable Pig Production magazine