4 (59) | August, 2020

Table of contents


National Farm Day o the Veles Vita farm (Vinnytsia region)

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Raw milk market: a downward trend as a pattern

Foreign trade of dairy products: the negative balance is growing

Feed: look at the harvest

Business strategy

How milk peaks are conquered. The interview with Anatolii Rusak, director and co-founder of Agrofirm Promin LLC. (Kherson region)

Composting: the letters have been learned, its time to learn to read

Management and Economics Smart ear tag

Top 5 tips for those who want to find a job in the agricultural sector

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

When feeding is of the highest level. The experience of Dolynske Trading House LLC (Kherson region)

How to increase milk productivity at the beginning and peak of lactation

Evaluation of silage and haylage quality

Intrauterine metabolic programming is important for you and your cows

Early detection of sick calves

The age of the heifers matters

Management classics

Seven deadly sins of the leader, or How the big boss should avoid mistakes

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