5 (42) | October, 2017

Table of contents


National Farm Day in Piskivske Ltd.

AMP recommends: healthy nation - strong state

Infrastructure projects that change the philosophy of cattle breeding

Specialization: young stock rearing

Fifth Dutch Milk Day in Ukraine

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: a time of great change

World dairy trends

Feed: record production will put pressure on prices

By-pass products

Business strategy

Market relations and business value. Interview with Taras Bakai, LLC "Molochni riky" (Lviv region)

In unison with the cows. Experience of PE "Agroecology" (Poltava region)

Technologies make business. Experience of "Nadiya" Ltd. (Kharkiv region)

Individual approach

Management and economics

Milk arithmetic

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Feeding and Milk Composition

20 kg of dry matter is it 24 or 35 kg of milk?

Proper selection of silo

Kholin: too much? too few? just right?

Litter from manure

Machine in action: testing of cutter

Management classics

Why "tops" and "bottoms" do not understand each other

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