3 (76) | June, 2023

Table of contents


Consulting Center of AMP and the Uman Labs laboratory completed the implementation of projects to restore milk production with the financial support of the Swiss government

The road map for the recovery of the dairy industry. Fortification of dairy products

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Low prices stimulate demand for dairy products

Feeds and feed production

Farm of the war period

"I see liters of milk in all of our not enoughs". Interview with Olga Polozova, director of "Krasnohirske" LLC (Cherkasy Region)

Small steps to a big goal

Energy independence and additional income. The experience of the biogas installation of the Ukrainian Dairy Company LLC (Kyiv Region)

Management and economics

Do we cull those cows?

Genomic assessment: looking to the future

How to increase feeding efficiency

Safety and quality of milk

Milk cooling on dairy farms

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Choline for transit cows: a healthy start to lactation

Do you need a preservative for corn silage?

Infectious causes of lameness in cattle and approaches to their detection and control

Concrete floor: quality surface less lameness

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