1 (44) | February, 2018

Table of contents


Milk safety and quality: the European experience

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: from survival to development

Milk from the air

(Not) stability of the world dairy market

Grains and Oilseeds: the weather warms up prices


Business strategy

Own processing and creation of added value. Interview with Valery Parubochiy, the director of the farm Paruboche (Kyiv region).

Own way. Experience of the farm named after Ivan Franco (Volyn region)

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

How to improve the quality of haylage and silage

Modern cow and feeding

Sugar beet: sugar for people, pulp for cows

Use of zinc to prevent mastitis

Calves feeding during milking period: myths dispelling

Diarrheal diseases of newborn calves

Effective rehydration therapy

alves breeding: Ukrainian experience

Weather in the barn

International experience

Dairy Iowa: the secrets of success

Management classics

Five traps of other's success. Do not fall for it!

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