3 (52) | June, 2019

Table of contents


National Farm Day at PE Rodina

AMP opened a network of Central Veterinary Service in eastern Ukraine

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Ukrainian dairy industry: old new challenges

Trade wars, climatic cataclysms and milk

Feed and feed production

Business strategy

Agribusiness lighthouse. Experience of Agrofirma Mayak LLC (Poltava region)

Management and economics

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Crossbreed cows as a source of profitability dairy farm

Belgian Blue for Crossbreeding

How to make a cow eat more

Feed Bunk Management: Three in One

Precise feeding: making the right choice

How to speed up green mass drying off in the field

How to prevent warming and improve the retention of dry matter in corn silage

Transition cows. Dispelling myths with Dr. Rick Grumer

Reproduction in Dnipro Ltd: the experiment was a success

Selective dry therapy: the Israeli experience

Vaccination part of the herd health program

Ketosis management in a dairy herd

Heat stress in calves: when little things are not trivial

Growing heifers from 2 to 12 months: the experience of Moloko Vitschizny LLC

International experience

Genomics in the Irish beef industry

Management classics

Learning to express aggression safely

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