2 (21) | April, 2014

Table of contents


Dairy Sector Matureness Test. Interview with Andrii Dykun, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food

AVM News

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Cattle breeding in Ukraine: spring challenges

Ukrainian dairy industry: Eyes on the domestic consumer

Dairy Production in the World

Feeds: pricing pressures and revival of international trade

Food safety in the EU

Our interviews

Spontaneity and consistency. Interview with Valentina Danilenko, director of "Agrosvit" (Kiev region).

Legal terrain

Implementation of investment projects: land barriers

Ukraine with foreigners eyes

Integrity in farm business

Management and economics

How to develop the resource base of the processing enterprise

Milk production: a view from the bank

Automation is Being on Trend

Effective milking without extra effort

Treatise on dairy farming

Management of fodder place

Ways of counteracting heat stress

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Quality forage conservation: important aspects

Monitoring and prevention of subclinical ketosis

Making Corn Paste is an Alternative to Compound Feedstuff and Flaked Corn

Soybeans and their byproducts in the diet of cattle

Feeding Liquid Whey to Dairy Cattle

With respect to animals. Interview with Peter Philip, General Director of "BIOVETA Ukraine"

Factors influencing the amount of feed intake

Tsefinel - a new antibacterial drug for veterinary medicine

Management classics

SOS! Woman as a leader

Profitable Pig Production magazine