3 (64) | June, 2021

Table of contents


The era of transformation of the dairy sector of Ukraine continues

The best among the best: milk records of Ukraine

Results of the contest for the best alfalfa silage of 2020

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

Commodity market: trends and transformations

World dairy production: growth in the post-pandemic environment

Feed and feed production

Management and economics

Criteria of economic efficiency

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Belt merger. Why it is worth noting

Rumen degradable protein

How to choose a feed mixer

Don't skimp on water

Raising heifers of 2-4 months: how to fulfill the genotype

Strategy of working with problem animals

Acariform mites of cattle: timely diagnosis to prevent the spread of parasites in the herd

Automation for barns

Management classics

The Time Management Dilemma, or How to Choose Between "Important" and "Urgent"

Milk safety and quality

Raw milk control program: results and awards

Bacterial contamination: how to improve the quality of raw milk and production process on the farm

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