Prospects for Ukrainian craft cheeses. Interview with Tatiana Dyadechko, the founder and owner of the creative gastro workshop "Koza Chka"

25.12.2018 08:45:53

Prospects for Ukrainian craft cheeses. Interview with Tatiana Dyadechko, the founder and owner of the creative gastro workshop «Koza Chka»

Association of cheese makers was presented at the Lithuanian Embassy

25.12.2018 08:41:37

Association of cheese makers was presented at the Lithuanian Embassy

One gate play

29.08.2018 09:31:51

Happy villages, where business executives work, who care about the community. These include Denikhovka, which is in Tetiiv district of Kiev region. Oleg Balagura was born and lives there, the head of the State Enterprise «Shekhchenkovskoe».

The status national does not interfere with development

10.05.2018 04:18:40

Taurichanka village of Kherson region is one of the most beautiful and most comfortable in Ukraine. There are no yards left here, young people return to live and work happily here. It is here that the experimental farm «Askaniiske» successfully works. Despite the status «national», enterprice does not receive financial assistance from the state.

Own processing and creation of added value

28.02.2018 08:13:06

About five years ago, his diplomatic mission in Slovenia ended. He returned to Ukraine, thought about joining the public service. Walked along the corridors and offices of state institutions, saw people in expensive suits who speak well and react weakly to what is happening around in the life of the country.

Own way

28.02.2018 08:08:04

«If to look from the outside, it may seem that our production has many features. Of course, for someone this is a feature, for us it is already the norm. Everyone should do what is right for him and what he believes in», — says Dmitry Samsonenko, deputy director of livestock management of the farm named after I. Franko, that is in Gubin First village Volyn region.

From collective farms to modern technologies

29.12.2017 08:31:49

On the territory of the former kolkhoz in the village of Katashin, Chechelnitsky district, Vinnytsia region, a modern agricultural enterprise - agro-firm "Ukraine-O" - is currently operating.

Individual approach

30.10.2017 10:07:43

Canadian genetics is recognized all over the world. For decades, Canadians have perfected Holstein breed, which currently has high productive qualities. Genetic company Semex is one of the leading suppliers of genetic material. General Director Paul Larmer and Director of the official representative office of LLC "Simex Alliance Ukraine" Vyacheslav Saulko told about the company's activities, innovations and experience in the territory of Ukraine.

Technologies make business

30.10.2017 10:03:38

The team of the magazine «Milk and Farm» is always glad and ready to visit even the most distant corner of Ukraine, if they produce milk there. We are convinced that any dairy farm that operates and continues to develop under current conditions is worthy of attention. For this issue, we were looking for the experience of doing business from west to east, from Lviv to Kharkiv region, where in the Kupyansky district, in the village of Kurilovka, we got acquainted with the dairy complex «Nadiya». The farm is diversified, but dairy cattle breeding is one of the main activities. According to the results of 2016, 40% of the income was received from milk production.

In unison with cows

30.10.2017 09:45:56

PE «Agroecology», that is in Poltava region, despite the achievements of agrochemical science, has been using exclusively organic production technologies for more than thirty years, particularly in dairy cattle breeding.

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