1 (38) | February, 2017

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Ukrainian dairy industry: a decade of achievements and lessons

"Roller coaster" of milk production

We have already made technological revolution, the mental is ahead. Interview with the chairman of the Ukrainian Agrarian Council Andrew Dykun

The efficiency of stockbreeding and feed production. Interview with the head of the department of agricultural production of livestock of "Astarta-Kyiv" Elman Orudzhev

The success is in cooperation. Interview with the head of FAE Piskivske Valerii Kolosha (Chernigov region)

Genetics as a tool to influence on efficiency and the cost of milk production. Interview with Executive Director of the Ukrainian Holstein Association Igor Prysyazhnyuk

Ukraine is an open field for work. Interview with the director of Ltd. "Pöttinger Ukraine" Vadim Andrushchak

Milk production should be cost-effective. Interview with the director of "DeLaval" company Oleg Krasnorutskiy

Desire is needed to develop production and be successful. Interview with the Chairman of the board of the Union of Ukrainian dairy enterprises Vadim Chagarovsky

AVM News

Deeds better than just words

Invest today in your future

Business strategy

Peremoha Batkova

Milk rivers of PE Chaika

The grain is no longer the same

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

European silage

Choline as essential nutrient for cows in the transition period

How to choose a feed mixer

Automated feeding system for calves: domestic experience

Synbiotics: myth or reality?

Treatment of milk fever in cows

The use of antibacterial drug Danofloks

Philosophy of life

Never give up

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