AMP officially opened the First dairy cooperative and summed up the year of work of UMAN LABS

25.12.2018 08:26:31

AMP officially opened the First dairy cooperative and summed up the year of work of UMAN LABS

Dutch Milk Day in Cherkasy region

12.11.2018 09:01:59

The dairy industry is a priority for the economy of the Netherlands. The country exports 85% of its dairy products and occupies 20% of the world market in this segment. The Dutch know well how to efficiently produce high-quality milk, they are not afraid of competitors, and for the sixth year willingly share their experience and innovative technologies with Ukrainian farmers. This year, the Netherland experts were accepted at Kischentsy LLC in Cherkasy region on September 18.

Farm without stereotypes

12.11.2018 08:57:28

In 2017, the average annual milk yield in LLC Veleten in Sumy region reached 11300 kg of milk per milk cow. To this result, the farm went gradually, honing the technology. It was possible to get acquainted with them during the National Farm Day - on August 28 the dairy complex opened the doors for everyone.

Mastitis control on the farm

29.08.2018 09:23:34

On August 6, a training seminar for veterinarians of dairy farms was held in Uman. The event was organized by Association of Milk Producers in cooperation with Milk Quality Control Laboratory UmanLabs and Estonian University of Natural Sciences.

Kischenzi officially opened the rotary milking parlour

02.07.2018 09:40:55

On June 12, «Kischenzi», in the village of Dobra, Cherkasy region, was the official opening of the rotary milking parlour for 80 places.

Specialization: young stock rearing

30.10.2017 10:05:42

Specialized rearing of future cows from a calf heifer to heifer on a separate farm has a number of advantages: it reduces labor costs, provides better conditions and closely monitors compliance with technology.

Breeding is a permanent work

05.07.2017 06:03:37

On the National Farm Day, during the parade of Holstein cows, you could see the best representatives of the dairy stock of the PE «Plemzavod „Stepnoi“».

National Farm Day in Sumy region

02.11.2016 08:34:54

August 16 was held the fifth National Farm Day.

This time ground for information, knowledge and practical experience exchange was LLC «Vitchusna» which is around Konotop.

Day of Milk and Cheese in Ukraine

02.11.2016 08:22:46

In a warm and friendly atmosphere passed the annual Day of milk and cheese in Kiev on September 25, organized by the Association of Milk Producers (AMP) and social project «I like milk.»

Place of meeting cannot be changed

02.11.2016 08:20:34

On 6th of September 4th Dutch Day of Milk, and for the third time LLC "Kischentsy" in Cherkasy welcomes all guests. More than ten years Case Husinga is at the head of this company, and a major line of their business is dairy farming.

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