2 (81) | April, 2024

Table of contents


Raw milk control program: from pilot project to national level

Markets. Prices. Forecasts

A quiet start: milk is becoming scarcer, but prices are restrained by modest demand for milk powder

Geopolitics and grain: Ukrainian exports in conditions of instability

Farm of the war period

What is best for the cow. Interview with Antonius Petrus Smits, owner of Agrofirma Rozvolozzhya (Kyiv region)

Behind the scenes technology

Business strategy

Dairy farm on "clean" energy

Labor efficiency: modern solutions at the service of a farmer

Staff motivation: basic principles and no one-size-fits-all recipe

Technologies. Researches. Innovations

Who cuts how

How to prevent feeds overheating and preserve its nutrition

Oilseeds in the diet of dairy cows: influence on milk productivity, milk composition and reproduction

Modern technology of long-term storage of feeds

Clostridial abomasitis and hemorrhagic enteritis of calves

Mastitis under control

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